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How does Regression in Hypnotherapy help Counselling?

Many people ask me how I use hypnotherapy in counselling.

So, it starts with the client.

For this post I am using a fictional client who has anxiety issues.

They are unsure where the issues come from, but through counselling sessions they have discussed their fears of getting on public transport, particular trains and occasionally buses. They know whenever they get on a train, or a bus, their heart starts to pound, they feel their breathing change and they’re scared they are going to have a panic attack.

Here’s how hypnotherapy can help.

If the client wants to, I can regress them back to a time when they first felt panic. In a controlled and safe way, we can bring on the symptoms. Through hypnotherapy the client can observe themselves in the past, and in this example, it could be they see themselves on a train when they were young and maybe an alarm was going off and people started to panic and race off the train. Being a child, they would not have known what was going on and the panic of other people could have been ingrained on their subconscious mind, making them anxious of trains and possibly buses.

Hypnotherapy helps to bring the past issues that have been stored in the subconscious mind, into the conscious mind. In counselling sessions, we then start to analyse what happened to them in the past. The feelings and behaviours, the actions of other people around them and the impact it had back then and how it impacts the present.

Gradually, the client begins to associate their feelings and panic now to their past event. They learn to understand that the feelings they have now are the feelings their child had back then. They start to let go of their fear and slowly begin to move forward with acceptance and understanding. They learn to nurture their inner child and build confidence as an adult.

Regression in hypnotherapy is a powerful tool in aiding counselling sessions. It can help a client to make peace with their past and to move forward in their future.

If you would like support through counselling and feel regression could help you,

please email me to book a session:

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