At the moment I am not seeing face to face clients.  However, I am working online and the telephone.  

A Covid-19 risk assessment has been carried out within government guidelines.

You must attend your appointment on your own, where appropriate.  Arrival times are always staggered.  The room will be sanitised before and after your appointment.  Please bring a minimal amount of personal possessions.  A social distance of 2 metres will be adhered to.  Ventilation will be increased.  You may wear a face mask if you choose to.  You must use hand sanitiser (provided), when entering the therapy room.  For your own comfort, you should bring your own tissues and a bottle of water.  Payment will be a balance transfer if possible, if you do not have this facility, then correct cash will be asked for.

If you experience any Coronavirus symptoms, (new continuous cough, a high temperature, loss of taste and smell), you must make the therapist aware and self-isolate and order a test.  If you test positive, you must share this result promptly with NHS test and trace.

If the therapist experiences any symptoms and tests positive, your information will be given to the NHS for test and trace.