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Sleeping Angels
Baby Loss Counselling

Thinking about our sleeping angels with a candle and bear

Talk with a counsellor who fully understands your pain and your loss.
I'm here to say you will smile again.

It might not feel like it now,

but one day you'll be able to think of your little one

and smile.   

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If you are experiencing a loss now,

or it happened to you a few months ago or a few years ago;

I'm here to help and to say there is no set time taken for you to heal. 

I often get asked,

"How long does it take to feel normal again?"  

My answer is always, everyone is different. 

Some people just go back to so called 'normality' a few weeks later. 

They go into work, they go out with friends, they generally look ok, which comes as a relief to family and friends,

but (this is a big but), it will hit them. 

It may hit when they least expect it.  ​


If you are someone that is finding it difficult going out, and lets face it,

when you do there's prams and pregnant women everywhere;

or you can't face seeing your friends because you're frightened that they might bring their children,

or announce they're pregnant;

then you are the person who is healing. 


You are aware that one of the biggest traumas you could face has happened to you. 


You want to sit with your grief and that's ok. 

You will get through it. 

Grief is a journey and it's ok to ask for help on that journey. 

I've been there. 

I was someone that went back to work and it hit me. 

But I learnt, and I changed. 

It took time. 

I tell people to take small steps, allow yourself to remember, to cry, and to smile. 

You will get there!


​If you need counselling support please contact me.

rainbow and sunshine uplifting image.jpg
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