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Did you land on this website because you think you need


Or, did you land on this website because someone told you, you need counselling?

I was told I needed counselling shortly after my son died.

"You need to talk to someone."

"I had counselling and it helped me!"

"Why don't you try counselling?"

A few years later,

I realised I couldn't cope and that I needed to talk. 

I made that decision.

Then I made that phone call.  It was one of the most difficult things that I made myself do,

but I knew I had to do it.

So what I'm saying is; I'm a counsellor that's been a client.  I know what it's like to make that decision, almost to admit that it's time to face the music, to face my pain and finally make a start on getting through it, or learning to live alongside it.

I got through it and now I'm here to support you on your journey. 

It does work,

It changes you from the inside out.


Anxiety and you.

To find out more on why I became a counsellor and what goes on in my counselling room, follow the link below.   

Podcast:  'This is Mental'.

Who am I?

I'm Natalie Kelly and after receiving help for bereavement, I decided to train as a counsellor and help other people through their tough times.

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If you want to make positive changes to your life, contact me for support.

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E Robinson

Having never had therapy before, I had no idea what to expect. Natalie put me at my ease instantly and she has guided me to a much greater understanding of myself and how I react to situations. I feel as if she has given me a toolkit of strategies for navigating any challenges and stresses in the next stage of my life and – if I do feel overwhelmed again – that I have someone I can come to in order to work through it.

V Lane

At first I was a little sceptical about hypnotherapy, with it not being something I have done previously.  Natalie was great, she made me feel so comfortable and was able to tailor the session specifically to my needs.  It was a great experience and after the session I felt nothing short of relaxed.  I literally felt a weight shift from my shoulders.  Thank you so much for your great service Natalie.  I highly recommend booking!

A Chapman

I had hypnotherapy with Natalie and from beginning to end I felt very safe and in control the whole time. Natalie gave me clear expectations to what would happen throughout the session and I cannot believe how powerful the effects were after just one session I am truly blown away and cannot thank Natalie enough!. She really is such a calm and compassionate person to be around and I really felt comfortable from beginning to end with her calmness and manner helping me through the whole process. Thank you so much Natalie without you the stress of exams would still be such a problem for me but through Hypnotherapy I was able to understand what the cause was for my nerves and how to move forward with confidence. 

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Integrative Counselling

Being an integrative counsellor basically means that I combine different methods of counselling to suit your needs.  The methods I use are:  Person Centred; where you talk, I listen and you take the lead in therapy.  You talk about what you need to discuss.  If you start talking about your past and mention your past several times, we may then venture into psychodynamic counselling.  This is where I may encourage you to talk about your past.  You will explore and analyse how past events, possibly something in your childhood has impacted on your present.  The last method I use is CBT, where you come up with goals and I give you different techniques to achieve these goals.

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What to Expect

If you have ever experienced relaxation or meditation, hypnotherapy is very similar.  At your first session I will talk to you about what you would like to achieve through hypnotherapy.  I then tailor the session to your needs.  I divide the therapy into 3 sections.  The first part is all about learning to relax, using your breathing to relax both body and mind.  I then help you to deepen your relaxation by getting you to visualise various scenarios.  This could be walking down a staircase, walking along a beach or imagining yourself in a beautiful garden.  Once you are deeply relaxed, the hypnotherapy begins.  You may choose suggestion therapy, hypno-analysis, or even past life regression.

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Suggestions are when I talk to you whilst you are deeply relaxed.  When you are relaxed deeply, your subconscious mind becomes more accessible.  It is the subconscious mind that stores our beliefs, memories, habits, phobias.  The subconscious mind is the part of the mind we need to reach in order to change.  You relax and I talk to your subconscious mind making positive suggestions.  This can be used for any issue including; weight loss, smoking cessation, phobias, addictions, anxiety, job interview techniques and sleep problems.

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Guiding You On the Path of Self-Healing

This is different from Suggestions, as you take a part in this therapy.  I talk to you and you talk back.  Once you are in deep relaxation, we explore the issue you brought to therapy by me taking you back to a specific time when this issue started for you.  If may be that you do not go straight to the start, as some clients do not want to go there at first.  This is perfectly fine, as it can be quite scary re-visiting old memories in such detail.  Your mind is very clever and will not go where you don't want it to go.  Hypnotherapy puts you in control.  It may take a few sessions before you can fully explore your issue.  What is amazing about this therapy is that it can get to the root of your issue and helps you to understand why you may be having certain feelings and emotions.  This therapy is perfectly safe and time is given at the end of each session to discuss what you saw and the feelings you had.  These sessions I combine with counselling, as hypno-analysis can bring forward some hidden memories that you may want, or need to work through.

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Past Life Regression

Have you ever wondered about past lives?  Do you have recurring dreams and wonder if this is a link to a past life?

When having this therapy it works the same as hypno-analysis, in the fact that it is a two-way therapy, where you talk when under hypnosis.  I guide you along your journey into exploring past life or lives.  It is perfectly safe and can be of great interest in possibly finding reasons for behaviours now.  Time is left at the end of sessions to discuss what you found.  This is important, as some clients do not remember what they say when under hypnosis, and other clients can remember each specific detail.  If you are interested, why not book a one off session?

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