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NK Counselling & Hypnotherapy is based in Benfleet, offering face to face, telephone or on-line counselling.  

Special interest in baby loss, bereavement and trauma.

Welcome to
NK Counselling & Hypnotherapy

I learnt long ago that sometimes it's easier to talk to a stranger than someone close to you.  You can cry without being told to stop, you can say what you need to say without worrying you will upset someone, you can be honest.  Here at NK you can do all this in a comfortable, confidential and non-judgemental space.   



My name is Natalie Kelly.  I used to be a teacher, and that was all I wanted to do. 


However, back in 2002 my life changed dramatically due to suffering baby loss.  I realised in that moment that I had no control over life, it controlled me!

But the one thing I knew, was that I needed to do something with my experience, and I wanted to help others' that had been through similar.  I then realised that I had to help myself first.

And that was the start of my own personal counselling journey.

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Person Centred Counselling

Whether you're stuck in a particular behaviour that continually repeats itself, or you have a problem that you buried within you many years ago and it's started to surface, person centred counselling will help you discover and explore your issues at your pace.  Person Centred is tailored around you.  I go where you take me.  Although sometimes I may have to guide you a little, to help you make connections.  

What happens in your first session?

Before the session, you can book a quick 10 minute phone chat.  This is a time where you can ask questions, get to know how I work and really get to know me and if you want to work with me.  It's the first step on the 'rapport ladder.'


When you book I ask for your email address so I can send you the contract before the session.  This just saves session time.


 At the start of the session I will ask you to sign 2 copies of the contract, one for you, one for me.  I then ask for a few easy details: DOB, age, address, etc. 

We then start. 

You don't have to leap right into the emotional stuff that you've been avoiding for a very long time. You take it at your own pace. You might want to leap right in to your issue.You might recognise a behaviour you want to change and know exactly where it comes from.  I may direct you into your past if you mention your past.  Or maybe I might ask when a certain behaviour or feeling started for you. 


You take it from there.

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Clare H

“Amazing caring hypnotherapist.  Set in a calming room, Natalie made me feel at ease.  I went under quickly and am seeing amazing results already after only a couple of sessions.  Highly recommend"

Lauren G

"Natalie really is an absolute gem to find.  She's really helped to encourage me to find myself again.  Reliable, calm, friendly, professional, just made me feel so at ease.  It's a big step seeking help and she definitely made it easy once I found her."

Sam R

“I went to Natalie on multiple occasions for a combination of counselling and hypnotherapy to help overcome underlying issues that I had been experiencing for years.  After a handful of sessions I noted significant improvement in areas I struggled with previously.  Hypnotherapy was something I was always keen on and it was the most effective therapy/method for improving aspects of emotional/mental wellbeing that I had previously struggled with.  I've noted long-lasting benefits from hypnosis sessions and would highly recommend.  I will pursue more of this in the future, if and when circumstances present.  On top of this, Natalie is a great listener, very approachable, kind and provides a great service.”
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Phone:  07837 452 791


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